Cycling like God in France

The Champagne Ardenne is like this: Endless expanses, fields, forests and vineyards

An infinite network of paved roads through untouched forests, sparsely populated nature and rolling champagne vineyards.

Living, recovering and culinary specialties of the Haut-Marne can be found in the Jungbrunnen von Orges.

The low-traffic roads, endless expanses and gentle hills of the vineyards are the optimal infrastructure for all enthusiastic cyclists.

In spring, the mild weather conditions invite you to cycle yourself warm. Cadences, gently changing slopes and miles long plains are the ideal conditions to start the cycling season.

High cadence, aerodynamic race position and 20 or more kilometers through the green leaves tunnel of the forest or between just as long, yellow blossoming rape fields. Undisturbed rhythm of the legs – calm breathing – stable heart rate – mental attunement.

Wellness holidays, Rehabilitation training, Competition preparation, Regeneration training; as an individual, in the team, as squad and group training of up to 10 people.

Performance analysis, circuit, track profile, guided or recommended day trip including food.

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