Erich Iten

I dedicated nearly my whole professional life to fitness. I have worked as a self-employed businessman in the fitness industry since 1987. My fitness centre in Wohlen, is with Patrick and Romy in family hands. In France, I would like to pass on my versatile knowledge and experience, which I have appropriated over many years, to you.

  • Regeneration training
  • Rehabilitation training
  • Performance diagnostics
  • Competition preparation
  • Performance increase
  • Nutritional advice

All these keywords are no foreign words to me.

I am happy to concern myself with the preparations for your bike tours/hiking tours, make sure you have the right nutrition, and prepare your training and nutrition recommendations by request.
You can find more information under v.a.t. kompetenztraining

I really like to spend my time in the kitchen. My conviction is “You are what you eat”. It doesn’t need complicated, elaborate preparation to eat healthy. Fresh/local/natural to get your cells back into shape.